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Current Events
After a delightful August medley of Bardic moments in Santa Fe, and a memorable September evening in Manhattan with Zoe Caldwell, we're now savoring events with Jeffrey Horowitz and Ted Rogers of Theatre for a New Audience, Adam Gopnik of The New Yorker, Joe Illick of the Santa Fe Concert Association, Edwin Booth biographer Alan W. Bloom. CUNY professor Richard McCoy, and New York Times reporter Sarah Lyall. As we do so, we're looking forward to a Capitol Hill program on Sunday, April 13, with Folger biographer Stephen H. Grant, as well as to New York gatherings on Monday, May 12, with Mr. Grant, on Tuesday, May 13, with Yale professor David Kastan, and on Wednesday, May 14, with lexicographer Paul Dickson. Another spring engagement will be announced soon for Monday, June 23.

Meanwhile, we're looking back to a 2012-13 New York season that opened with critic John Lahr, and proceeded to events with Irene Dash, Nagle Jackson, and James Shapiro, with Julie Taymor and Paul Dickson and Thomas Keith, and finally with Tina Packer and Susannah Carson and with Jesse Berger and Everett Raymond Kinstler. At the same time we're recalling a 2011-12 calendar that featured superb programs with John Miller, Joan Darling and Jonathan Richards, Jeffrey Horowitz, David Kastan, Zoe Caldwell, Stacy Keach, Georgianna Ziegler, and Dakin Matthews in Manhattan, and a Centennial Fridays series in Santa Fe at the historic New Mexico Museum of Art. We're also taking pride in a 2010-11 season that opened with a GIELGUD gala in honor of F. Murray Abraham, continued with a salute to playwright Edward Albee, and proceeded to programs with writer Ammon Shea, director Brian Kulick, Shakespeare Newsletter editors John Mahon and Thomas Pendleton, "new-media" pioneers Katherine Rowe and Kathleen Fitzgerald, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust director Diana Owen, Trust chairman Stanley Wells, educator Paul Edmondson, and Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Walter Liedtke, script consultant Russell Jackson, historian Michael J. Hirrel, scholar Steven Urkowitz, director and playwright Robert Brustein, novelist Arthur Phillips, and actors Richard Clifford and Sir Derek Jacobi. For reminders about our 2009-10 season, click here.

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